You may notice that under each post, i have a statistic about diabetes killing people and people getting it. This is because one person dies every 10 seconds from diabetes. In the same 10 secons, 2 people are diagnosed with diabetes for the rest of their lives. 

This page is about the campaign to stop it. 

The Campaign
 The Unite for Diabetes campaign was launched in early June, 2006, in Washington DC at the annual American Diabetes Association meeting. The campaign, fronted by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) calls on the governments of the world and the United Nations to take notice of the pandemic that is Type-1 and Type-2 Diabetes. The campaign plans to produce a fully supported United Nations Resolution on diabetes in the General Assembly on November 14, 2007. I am proud to represent the IDF as one of the Western Pacific Ambassadors in the campaign.

The campaign is split up into two categories:
Bottom-up: The development of grass-roots support of the campaign, gained through general awareness of the campaign
Top-down: Relies predominantly on lobbying and pressure on governments and governmental organisations to accept and be aware of the problem diabetes poses now and in the future.

The problem of diabetes is real
Every 10 seconds, a person unnecessarily dies from diabetes and its related complication. In the same 10 seconds, 2 people are diagnosed with the disease for the rest of their lives. Diabetes kills as many people worldwide per year as HIV/AIDS. Around 333-369 million people worldwide are expected to have the disease by 2025. Diabetes kills, and it shouldn’t. If you live in the USA and you plan to have kids, each child has a 33% chance of developing diabetes in their life. If you have 3 children, one of your kids will develop diabetes in their lifetime. These are the human costs of diabetes. There should be none. Type-2 diabetes is easily preventable. Type-1 diabetes should be easily treated.

However, it is not.

What Can I do to help the campaign?
Write about it on your blog, talk to politicians, lawmakers, your family and friends. Raise awareness of what diabetes is, and how bad a problem it is. Go to the campaign website and use the information there. Be aware of what diabetes does to people and how the disease kills. People are unnecessarily dying from Diabetes. We can stop it, now.

Help the campaign. Talk. Buy a Unite for Diabetes badge. Talk. Lobby. Talk. Write a letter. Talk. Use your connections. Talk. Become an advocate.

Help stop the killing.

The Conservative.


Unite for Diabetes campaign:
Novo Nordisk:
The Changing Diabetes World Tour:


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