None of the comments i make about Diabetes, the Unite for Diabetes campaign, or otherwise relevant to anything to do with diabetes are officially supported in any way by those organisaton(s) i represent. In no way are the views represented on this site those of the organisations, unless explicitly expressed (which will be never). Whilst I am a diabetes Ambassador, this blog is used as a personal outlet of my experiences and interpretations. This blog is not endorsed by any corporation or campaign, it only shows my personal support for the causes i write for. Whilst some factual evidence could be innacurate, i guarantee that i will endeavour to make them as accurate as possible will relevant research.

Furthermore, the political opinions expressed here are solely my own, and do not represent any organisation, campaign, political party or association of individuals at all. The political comments expressed on this blog certainly do not represent anything to do with my diabetes campaign comments, or those involved in the campaign.

By reading these articles, you understand and oblige by the responsibility that these are personal comments only. They do not represent (although they may certainly be the same as) any opinion of any organisation, campaign, political party or organised groups of individuals

Basically, don’t sue me for anything i say – it’s my own opinion and not that of anyone elses.


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