I’m a 20 year old type-1 diabetic, who studies politics and is currently living in Budapest. Yes, it’s a big mix. I created this blog not only to express my own thought on random political things, but also as a vehicle for Diabetes advocacy, especially regarding the Unite For Diabetes campaign, headed by the International Diabetes Federation. As a member of the Novo Nordisk Youth Panel, and as an IDF Youth Ambassador, i hope to make a difference not only in the way diabetes is viewed, but in the way diabetes is treated and educated around the world. In this sense, i hope to see the pandemic of Diabetes treated appropriately.

The Conservative

In the time it took you to to read this article:
3 people died from diabetes.
6 people were also diagnosed with the disease for the rest of their lives.


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. nutrigrace Says:

    Dear IDF Ambassador,

    I need you to make a change.

    I am the editor of a health magazine in Malaysia. I would like to interview you in conjunction with our special issue on World Diabetes Day.

    Our theme is “No Child Should Die of Diabetes”. Deadline is 4th October 2007.

    Can you please give me your email address and SKYPE address so I can communicate with you the soonest possible? Alternatively, you can email me your contact number. I can call you.


    Warmest regards,
    Grace Kang
    Editor, Health Today
    SKYPE: gr_ong

  2. nutrigrace Says:

    BTW Prof Martin Silink, the President of IDF wrote a page of keynote message for our magazine. We are also putting up the poster ad for WDD2007 – Unite for Diabetes.

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